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(Note:  For off-campus use you must first log-in to the Bellevue University website to access the library databases.  For log-in instructions to the university website please view the "Logging In To The Bellevue University Website" section of this tutorial by clicking here.  Please adjust your computer speaker volume to obtain full benefit from the audio content when viewing this tutorial).

24/7 Librarian is an online reference service available to Bellevue University students, faculty, and staff.  During Bellevue University Library hours the service is manned by Bellevue University librarians.  After library hours the service is provided by librarians around the country as part of a national cooperative service.

To begin the process of contacting a librarian online click on the 24/7 Librarian link on the top of the left sidebar on the Bellevue University Library homepage located at http://www.bellevue.edu/services/library.aspx

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